Savings, Checking and MMSA Fees

Savings, Checking and MMSA Fees
Non-Sufficient Funds Fees
Check / ACH debit returned (due to non-sufficient funds)$29.00
Visa Check Card overdraft fee (due to non-sufficient funds)$29.00
Stop payments
Stop payment - for a single item (including checks and ACH debits)$20.00
Stop range - for a series of items$25.00
Check copies $1.00 per copy
after the first free
copy per month
Checkbook Balancing (repeated)$5.00 (per hour)
Check Orders and Accessories
Price vary depending on the style and quality selected. View Navy Federal Online Account Access (NFOAA) for the complete product line and pricing.
Interim statement
(Excessive requests prepared at a branch office and operations center.)
$5.00 per printout
Share Withdrawal Check
(Cashier's Check - More than two checks per day) .
$5.00 per check
Inactive Member fee
Applicable to a member over the age of 24, assessed on a share
savings account with a balance of less than $50, no activity in
12 months, and no other Navy Federal or Navy Federal Financial
Group products.
$3.00 per quarter
Dormant Checking fee
Assessed to the checking account if the member has a combined savings and checking balance with less than $50, no activity in 12 months and no other Navy Federal products. This is not applicable to a member under the age of 24.
$3.00 per quarter
Money Market Savings Account (MMSA) excessive transactions
More than six transactions.
Returned Checks (deposited or cashed)$15.00